Show Me The Way

December 15, 2008

by Duane Careb

co-founder RVchurchesUSA
Read 2Cor 5: 20-21

Recently I watched one of my all-time favorite movies featured during the Christmas season – “It’s A Wonderful Life” with Jimmy Stewart. The premise of the movie is that we ALL have had an impact on people during our life – without exception! You simply must see this film if you haven’t already.

Uncle Charlie, the town drunk, works for George Bailey (Stewart) – who owns the Bedford Falls Savings and Loan – looses a large deposit and therefore forces Bailey into bankruptcy (sound familiar in these present days?). Bailey is now in big financial trouble. It’s driven him to the brink of despair and as he sits in Martini’s bar, he cries out to God saying, “If you are real …. show me the way!” Remembering that Mr. Potter (Lionel Barrymore) – the miserly and mean banker in town- said George was “… worth more dead than alive”, he then heads for the nearest bridge to end his life.

Can you identify with that scene? The reality of it? The hopelessness of it? Ever wonder if your life has been worthy or impact full to others? Read on ….

Evidently the prayers of George’s family and friends reach Heaven where the angel Clarence is dispatched to intercede and shows him the alternate universe that would have been had he never existed. It’s something each and every one of us should try to do – step outside ourselves and realize just what our contributions can be.

George wishes he was never born in the first place. Zap! Clarence grants his wish and after experiencing many flashbacks seeing all the people whose lives have been touched by George and the difference he has made to the community, George cries out, “I want to live again!”  Double Zap! Clarence transforms Bailey back to Bedford Falls – still on the brink of bankruptcy – with new hope and appreciation for the impact his life has in fact made on others.

The townsfolk respond to a call to come along the Bailey family and rescue them from their financial woes. Clarence, of course, gets his wings after all!

So How can we apply this plot to our lives today?

Consider RVchurchesUSA’s foundation verse 2Cor 5:20-21 “Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, God making his appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God”.

That’s God’s vision, mission and strategy for each of us.

Our purpose is to fulfill His mission by identifying RV sites (campgrounds/resorts/parks) that offer nondenominational church services and/or Bible studies across the USA and link the RV Community to those sites. And our mission is encourage and equip owners of RV campgrounds/resorts/parks across the USA desiring to support nondenominational church services and/or Bible studies on-site; and become a resource for the RV Community seeking church services or Bible study opportunities as they travel.

So there you have it!  Let’s partner together with the Lord in impacting live for Christ – one heart at a time. Spread the word about RVchurchesUSA so we can serve the RV Community where ever they call “home”.

Lord, “show me the way”. It is, indeed, A Wonderful Life! Amen.

Woodall’s & RVchurchesUSA

December 12, 2008

Evangelists Urge Church Services at ParksSteve Bibler

Evangelists Duane and Erika Careb have launched a program to encourage, equip and aid RV parks and campgrounds to start or enhance on-site church services, and the Prospect Heights, Ill.-based couple is touring the western U.S. this fall in their 40-foot, 2007 Itasca Class A motorhome to promote their idea among campgrounds and RVers.

They have formed the RVchurchesUSA Association and are establishing a website to promote their idea of:

Providing nondenominational church services for traveling RVers.

  • Distributing related monthly e-newsletters to parks.
  • Helping campgrounds establish relationships with churches in their communities.
  • Creating community forums with other parks.
  • Offering an option for downloadable worship music tracks and words and other resources.
  • Circulating listings with links to participating campgrounds’ websites.
  • Generating additional park revenues.
  • Duane Careb is not an ordained minister but is a member of Willow Creek Community Church, a 22,000-member nondenominational mega church located in South Barrington, Ill., a Chicago suburb. The church is known for its outreach programs, although the Carebs’ campground ministry is not affiliated with the church.

    Having already worked to set up a similar religious ministry for boaters in Wisconsin, Careb, 67, tells Woodall’s Campground Management that his program can help campground operators who have considered starting a church service, but were reluctant to do so, by providing them a step-by-step plan.

    The concept is to get services established by showing how campground managers can contact area clergy who may be interested in participating in such outreach programs and help them make connections with the RVing public that is seeking a religious experience while on the road.

    Campground owners don’t have to be afraid of doing this,” he said. “This is a non-threatening service they can provide to the RV community that is very needed and desirable,” he said.

    He surmises that churches already located near campgrounds may have considered over the years how to minister to campers as an outreach for their church.

    Careb stressed that their program does not encourage campgrounds “to declare a denomination or anything like that. We don’t want to align with any denomination.”

    “RVers will appreciate knowing that there are campgrounds that have services on site that are casual and on their timing,” said Careb, who can be contacted at (888) 782-4872.

    visit their site

    The Grandfather’s Clock

    December 11, 2008

    By Robert Ruesch

    Bob and his wife Barb are members of our Ambassador Club
    Read 1 Peter 5: 6-8

    There is something about the sound of a grandfather’s clock chiming on the hour and reminding you of the quarter hour between; when the clock stops, the sound of time ceases and the silence of time remains.  Hushed becomes the quiet of time.

    Recently we were at our friend’s house; they have a grandfather clock that has been silent for more then a decade – that bothered me.  It bothered me because; the clock – simply – was not designed to be silent, but there it stood, regal, hand made by Charlene’s grandfather, one of a pair for each sister; silent.

    When we took a good look at the clock, we could see the polished pride of a grandfather’s love for his kin.  We could see the work of making the structure not only beautiful, but strong, sturdy and in many ways, stately.  Only one thing was wrong, the heart of the clock, the reason for its being, didn’t run.  There was no tick, no tock, no chimes, just a silent piece of beautiful wood taking up wall space with no functionality. Pretty as the grandfather clock was, it didn’t have a purpose except to say, “well, my grandfather made it for me, but it isn’t working now, it did at one time – but not now.”

    That got me wondering if, Charlene’s husband and I – for her birthday and their anniversary, could get it running.

    The clock had been moved from Texas to Colorado and back to Texas again, so it should have run! After all it ran in Texas before all the moves. Curt and I took the back off, attached the chains, hung the weights, set the pendulum and started it swinging!  To our surprise, the clock started ticking, tick, tock over and over again, the hands moved the chimes chimed – we were really proud of our selves, until it stopped after less than 5 minutes.  Darn, we thought we had it solved.

    We tried everything, leveling the structure, gently blowing the dust out of the clock works, making sure the chains were on right and not hanging up. Nothing worked.  It seemed the heart of the clock just was not going to run more then 5 to 7 minutes.  By the way, the chimes and gongs sounded great, when it worked.

    Finally we tried one other thing, we checked to see if the clock works were level, they were not!  After several tries we had the mechanism level.  Again we swung the pendulum, tick, tock, tick, tock – the clock sounded different –  the sound of the ticking was more solid, more even, more in rhythm that it had ever been, and it ran, ran for 10 minutes, then 20, then 30.  Two hours later – still running and it is still running!

    What was the difference?  A simple theological concept, when your heart is right (level) with God, you are in sync (in time) with His will.  When you are not level with God, you run sometimes, and then quit.  Then your pendulum of commitment has to be pushed to start again, and again.

    Like Charlene’s clock her grandfather made for her, we need to level with God, confess our sins, lay our cares and concerns at His altar. Then, and only then, do we find our heart, like the grandfather clock, ticks on and on and on and on, because we are level with Him.

    Oh, and when we confess our sorrows, concerns and cares, it is like the clock, He takes them and allows us to continue running. When we don’t do that the weight of our burdens causes us not to run, we simply stop until we lift our heavy weight and give it to him.

    Now the house sounds with the passing of time every 15 minutes, chimes every hour. Our lives can be ringing out the joy, blessings, grace and a clarion call of time passing before our Lord comes to claim His church, and we will run for eternity.

    Endorsements Keep Coming

    December 7, 2008

    We at RVchurchesUSA are blown away by the list of endorsements that are coming in lately! It’s been both humbling and encouraging at the same time.

    Former ministry partners, RV industry leaders, personal acquaintances and even new ‘friends” of our ministry have rallied to offer you a peek into the sincere passion for impacting lives for Christ that drives RVchurchesUSA.

    Please take a moment to read these testimonies found on our Endorsement page.

    We’ll keep posting them as they arrive so don’t hesitate to check back from time to time.



    RVchurchesUSA launches!

    December 3, 2008

    If you are reading this, you’ve already discovered that we’ve recently launched this new exciting website for the RVchurchesUSA ministry!

    You can read about us in your Woodall’s Campground Management’s November 2008 edition. The article featured the ministry, our passion for connecting RVers with God and offered an “insiders” look into the developing of RVchurchesUSA.

    We hope you will spread the word about us to many campground owners and RVers alike! You can download our press release or simply email it to your favorite campground, resort, RV club and even various RV publications.

    We appreciate your heart for God and desire to impact others for His Kingdom  – one person at a time!



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