Computer Work From Your RV

June 10, 2010

by Jaimie Hall Bruzenak
as appeared on RV Home Yet? June 9 , 2010


You have a computer, you are computer literate. Can you work from your RV while traveling? AARP has an article, “Legitimate Work-at-Home Opportunities,” that describes several options. Some could be done in your RV on the road if you have a reliable Internet connection.

A number of would-be RVers have asked about medical transcription, one of the options mentioned in the article. My advice would be to get the training and get started before hitting the road, if possible. If you are already established with an agency or a practice, it is much easier to then continue it while traveling. One thing noted by one RVer medical transcriptionist is that there are a couple of different specialties and that some companies are going to voice-recognition software where they don’t pay as much. The agency mentioned in the AARP article is one other RVers have used and are happy with.

You would need a good Internet connection. If you primarily move from one RV park to another for extended times, you could get a phone line. Internet satellite would work if you are not blocked by trees. The business plan, though more expensive, might work better if you’ll be online quite a bit. An Aircard can work well too, in many areas. With both the satellite Internet and Aircard, you’d need to be sure you did not exceed your allotted bandwidth. And, no matter what the connection you usually rely on, sometimes it does not work. Have a Plan B! If you work for an agency, they might be willing to be flexible and not give you assignments when you are traveling and have an iffy connection. Having established a good relationship before RVing could be helpful here.

The advantage to this kind of work is that, assuming you have an Internet connection, you can work from most anywhere. Some costs would be deductible since you are an independent contractor or self employed. Working at home AND on the road is a nice way to earn money!

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

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