New Digs Coming

July 14, 2012

by HLB
Contributor and author of Knowing His Name July 11, 2012

There’s beauty in it, really. Mystery, too, in how it coils off, paper thin.

See through, almost.

How it changes, sheds, peels off the old. I see it and instantly relate.

He’s doing that to me.

Here I sit, in my worn, cozy comfort zone, stacking sticks, doing my best.

I hedge myself with long practiced, time tested habits. Getting by, really. But there’s a broader, thriving life I want to live.

Outside that little box I’ve connected myself to.

And so I have to shed my skin. He knows. He gently leads me to the place where I see my habits for what they are – ineffective, not the greatest representation of Him. I say, “Yes, LORD! Change it! Shed it! Peel it off! Let’s do this!”. And He does.

He is Faithful to change us.

But those seemingly see through peels are more painful than they look. And they’re ugly, bearing the soul. But once they’re shed, a new skin shines.

It takes a season for all of the old to come off, to make way for what’s next. Every day I sit on my perch and watch what He’s peeling away. Wishing it would happen faster, knowing that I’m in the way.

He is Patient.

He’s taught me this, for sure: the journey is holy ground. Being touched and changed by the Master Gardener brings the most beautiful, fruitful, lasting change possible.

So, I celebrate it. Choosing gratitude and endurance.

And, I look forward to my new digs, because I know there’s a better place ahead.

There’s beauty in it, really. Mystery, too, in how it coils off, paper thin.

See through, almost.

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