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We’re grateful that you have visited RVchurchesUSA’s website and have an interest in finding out more about receiving a FREE listing on our site – absolutely free!

We are a Ministry devoted to honoring God by perpetuating nondenominational church services and/or Bible studies within the RV Community. We exist to encourage, equip and aid owners to start or enhance these on-site offerings across the USA.


Join the many owners of campgrounds, parks or resorts who are already helping to meet the needs of the thousands of RVers desiring to enhance their spiritual growth while away from home. They, along with your permanent or even local town residents, may also desire to experience new relationships with fellow Christians, grow in their walk with God and somehow touch or impact lives for Christ.

RVchurchesUSA will help you get started by offering a step-by-step plan including how to recruit guest Bible speakers/teachers, preparation ideas, suggestions for worship music, order of service/study, personalized mentoring support along with other tools or resources designed to help you along the way.

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  • You can join hundreds of other campground owners now – absolutely free!
  • You may make the difference in an individual’s life by impacting their heart for Christ.
  • You and your facility can be identified with higher standards of excellence in management
  • Receive personalized mentoring from our pastors, outreach ministries or Bible teachers
  • Realize greater occupancy potential through exposure on RVchurchesUSA’s website

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Be sure to check out our Resource Page (under For RVers above) for links to help you grow your faith, discover clubs/organizations, latest RV industry news and necessary on-the-road information.

Our Ambassador Club

Members serve as mentors to campground owners desiring to start on-site worship services by connecting them to churches within the owner's local area. Networking is vital to this ministry.