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We appreciate your willingness to help spread the buzz about RVchurchesUSA as you encourage campground/resort owners to join those who are presently offering on-site church services or Bible studies.

The following video clip is the opening of a 1-hour featured TV program recently produced by Everlasting Love TV – a Chicago based Christian ministry devoted to featuring outreach ministries – their mission, vision and strategies. Programs are aired in major markets across the USA.

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RV Ministry Offers Free Charter Membership to Campgrounds/Resorts

Prospect Heights, IL; August 2009. RVchurchesUSA(.org) is a unique ministry devoted to providing RVers tools and resources to help grow their spiritual faith while away from home.

“We want to identify campgrounds/resorts presently offering on-site church services for the purpose of including them on our searchable database,” says Duane Careb, President.  “We’re offering a FREE Charter Membership to those facilities including a direct link to their home page. That listing is a vital resource RVers will use during their time on the road.”

Owners, campground associations, franchise corporations and RVers alike can submit candidates to [email protected].  Once verification has been completed, the campground/resort will be added to the search feature. RVers then use this information to patronize campgrounds or resorts.

“It’s truly an opportunity for campgrounds to grow their business by attracting RVers who want to attend on-site church services,” Careb adds.  “I envision the Campground Association Members someday offering discounts exclusively to RVers who join the Association.”

Campgrounds/resorts wishing to establish church services can also take advantage of the FREE Charter Membership and will receive step-by-step mentoring from our Ambassador Club staff (retired clergy, church outreach ministries or experienced Bible teachers) who have committed to helping facilities during their start-up period. “It’s truly a win-win scenario for campgrounds, RVers and our Ambassador Club members, ” Careb concludes.

“This is a limited time FREE Charter Membership offer – without any strings attached,” Careb emphasizes. “Our vision is to have on-site church services throughout the entire US!”

For additional information regarding this press release or copy for insertion in publications, contact Duane Careb, President, at (847) 577-4426 or e-mail [email protected]

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Be sure to check out our Resource Page (under For RVers above) for links to help you grow your faith, discover clubs/organizations, latest RV industry news and necessary on-the-road information.

Our Ambassador Club

Members serve as mentors to campground owners desiring to start on-site worship services by connecting them to churches within the owner's local area. Networking is vital to this ministry.